The Regional Promotion Society of the Principality of Asturias, S.A. (SRP) is a company whose majority of shares are held by the Principality of Asturias, which has acted as a body for economic promotion since 1984, and operates in the venture capital market.
Its activity consists in driving forward the development of investment projects undertaken by Asturian companies (either newly created or already established), or companies that are going to set up in the region, by means of the following instruments:

  • Participation in the share capital: temporary and minority participation in the share capital of new corporate initiatives and/or the expansion of already existing projects.
  • Financial support for corporate projects: by conceding principally subordinated loans to innovative, and in particular technology-based projects, e, as well as for company internationalisation.
  • La SRP desinvierte con éxito en Esal Rod Alloys Wednesday, 29 March 2017   La semana pasada se formalizó la venta de la participación de la SRP en la empresa Esal Rod Alloys, S.A., dedicada a la fabricación de aleaciones especiales en base de aluminio en formato de alambrón. La SRP apoyó en el año 2012 a los promotores de Esal, Asturiana de Aleaciones, S.A. (Aleastur), y la compañía alemana Drahterk Elisental E. Erdmann ...