Política de calidad

Quality Policy


Contribute to the balanced economic development of the region and foster an entrepreneurial spirit, driving forward investment projects undertaken in Asturias by newly established or already existing companies.


Be a benchmark body in terms of economic promotion in the field of funding and participation in share capital of companies that are implementing new corporate projects in the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias.


Adapt the products to the needs of the investment project. Professional growth for those involved. Be an ethical and trustworthy company and demonstrate on-going integrity in all relationships and businesses. Team work and group identity.


What quality means to the SRP

  1. That the society perceives the SRP as a supporting body for companies
  2. To financially assist and offer guidance to invested companies in order to obtain good results
  3. To achieve clear and efficient internal working systems
  4. To meet the expectations of internal and external clients

From the SRP we commit to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system and to meet the requirements that affect us intentionally or legally.