SRP drives forward the development of investment projects undertaken by Asturian companies by means of two financial instruments:

  • Participation in the share capital: temporary and minority participation in the share capital of new corporate initiatives and/or the expansion of already existing projects.
  • Loans: concession of principally subordinated loans to innovative, and in particular technology-based projects, as well as for company internationalisation.

Within this second category, and aligned with the regional administration’s strategies of attracting investment to Asturias and supporting companies that are experiencing difficulties or have identified new business opportunities due to COVID, we have two specific funds earmarked for these activities:

1. The Line for the Attraction of Emerging Industries, endowed with four million euros, is aimed at companies that want to set up in Asturias with an innovative project in the expansion and growth phase, which is part of the investment attraction strategy led by the government of the Principality of Asturias through the Institute for Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias.

Attraction of Emerging Industries Line Sheet

2. Due to the crisis caused by the health emergency, SRP and Asturgar SGR have launched the COVID New Opportunities Line, endowed with 6 million euros, to provide financial support to companies that need to overcome temporary business difficulties or that want to launch new activities as a result of the health crisis generated by the COVID-19.

SRP offers Asturian industrial or industrial support services companies participatory loans with a guarantee from Asturgar for 30% of the total financing, aimed at strengthening the current assets necessary for the development of the activity or the acquisition of fixed assets.

SRP’s participative loans are an alternative source of financing and as such do not consume CIRBE.

COVID New Opportunities Line Sheet

What do we look for in a project?

Share Capital

SRP Participaciones, S.L.

Sociedad para el Desarrollo de las Comarcas Mineras, S.A.

Sedes, S.A.

Mercados Centrales de Abastecimiento de Asturias, S.A.S.M.E.

Lonja Gijón-Musel, S.A.

Hostelería Asturiana, S.A.

Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca de Asturias, S.G.R.

Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón, S.A.U.


Zarc4endo, S.A.

Proage by LFL, S.L.

Esnova Racks Software, S.L.

Proasur, S.L.

Alusín Tecnología, S.L.

Lovelybikes, S.L.

PixelsHub, S.L.

Sistemas Especiales de Metalización, S.A.

The EQ Project Int., S.L.

PrivacyCloud, S.L.

Mind Facilities Management, S.L.

Bedrock Intelligence, S.L.

Grupo Intermark División Soluciones Corporativas, S.L.

Hi Sharing Mobility, S.L.

AGR Catalysts Recovery, S.A.

Global SMM 2009, S.L. (FUENSANTA)

Adpan Europa, S.L.

Specialized Technology Resources España, S.A.

Reliquiae España, S.L.

Artesanos Cerveceros de Asturias, S.L.

Válvulas Fevisa, S.A.

Tagsonomy, S.L.

Polymer Recycling Labs, S.L.

Moreda-Rivière Trefilerías, S.A.

Mobentis Multisoft, S.L.

Kiwis La Rodriga, S.A.

Iturcemi, S.L.

Esnova Racks, S.A.